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ZZ Modell

Zil-164 Kung 1957 Year 1/87 Scale Plastic Model Kit ZZ Modell 87004

Theme: Military

Era : 1946-1959

Scale : 1/87

Material : Plastic

Series: Military Transport

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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ZIL-164 is a Soviet medium-duty truck manufactured by the Likhachev Plant. The model is a modernization of the ZiS-150 - its individual components and assemblies. Produced from October 1957 to December 1964.
Since December 1961, the ZIL-164A car was produced - a transitional model from ZIL-164 to ZIL-130.
Cars ZIL-164 and ZIL-164A for many years were "workhorses" in almost all automobile fleets of the USSR. On their basis, specialized factories produced large series of vans, tankers, tanks, fire engines, truck cranes and many other types of special equipment.
In the design of the ZIL-164A, a number of components were introduced from the promising ZIL-130 model (clutch, gearbox, parking brake, new propeller cardan, combined brake valve). Acceptance tests of trucks of the ZIL-164A family took place in 1960, and they got on the conveyor in October 1961.
Outwardly, the ZIL-164 from the ZIL-164A is easy to distinguish by the location of the blinds on the sides of the hood: in the ZIL-164 they are horizontal, in the ZIL-164A they are horizontal, like in the ZIS-150.
Many vehicles used by a group of Soviet troops in the GDR were equipped with special German-built bodies. In particular, German fire engines based on ZIL-164, after decommissioning from military units, continued to work in fire brigades of nearby cities. In addition, many car fleets made very original special vehicles on the basis of ZIL-164 on their own, often such designs appeared in the USSR for the first time, for example, a cluster cement truck.
On the ZIL-164A chassis, the first in the USSR serial tank for the transportation of liquefied gas ATSZHNG-4-164A was also mounted. ZIL-164 worked in car fleets until the end of the 1970s, and individual copies until the early 1990s. The simplicity of the design of the car and its high degree of aggregate unification with the "long-liver" ZIL-157 made it possible to operate such trucks for more than a decade. By the beginning of the 1960s, the ZIL-164 and its modifications had become significantly outdated, and in 1965 the 164 series cars were discontinued. Today, several copies of these machines have been preserved in the CIS and the Baltic states.