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VAZ 2104 Kombi Russian Soviet Car LADA Riva Estate Nova USSR AUTOPROM Scale 1/24

Theme: USSR

Era :

Scale : 1/24

Material : Diecast


Recommended Age Range: 2 to 4 Years

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Diecast Model Car
1:24 Scale
Manufacturer: AUTOPROM
Material: Diecast and plastic
Condition: new in original packaging
Historical reference
Model : VAZ 2104 , Lada 2104 or Zhiguli 2104
Diecast metal body
Soft rubber tires
Opening front doors
Opening bonnet/hood
Opening boot lid /trunk lid
Very detailed and true-to-life styling.
Model size approx. cm 17.1 x 6.7 x 6
Box size approx. cm 24.6 x 10.3 x 12.4

VAZ-2104 Zhiguli is a Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive car of the III group of a small class with a station wagon body. Developed at the Volga Automobile Plant. Produced from 1984 to 2012.
Serial production of the VAZ-2104 ("four") was launched at the Volga Automobile Plant in the second half of 1984. In parallel with the new model, a VAZ-2102 (“two”) car of a similar class was produced, which by April 1985 was completely forced out of the assembly line. From the “donor” car, the “four” got a number of original parts relating to the rear of the car.
When creating this model, the designers were guided by an important feature of that time: the creation of a new model with minimal production costs and maximum consumer effect. Therefore, the VAZ-2105 model was taken as the basis. After lengthening the roof, stampings appeared to increase rigidity. This body structure allows you to place a long trunk on the roof, which is not recommended to be overloaded, since the calculated stiffness of the station wagon body is much lower than that of the sedan. The tailgate opened upwards and featured a completely new solution - heated rear window and wiper - until 1994 used only in the production of cars going for export, and then included in the standard equipment.
In the late 1990s, an “improved” modification of the VAZ-21043-20 was produced for several years, equipped with a five-speed gearbox, roof rails, electrical equipment and an interior with anatomical front seats from the VAZ-2107.