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DAN models

Ukrainian Soldier 2022 Fire 1/35 Scale Plastic Model Kit DAN models 35157

Theme: Military

Era : 2020-2022

Scale : 1/35

Material : Plastic

Series: Figures

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is a military organization designed to ensure military security and armed protection of the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
They are completed by conscription for military service of men from 18 to 27 years old and admission to contract service.
The number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is 205 thousand people, reservists - 250 thousand people, with combat experience - 407 thousand people. According to The Military Balance, the strength of the Armed Forces is 196,600, with 900,000 in reserve. According to the GFP, the Ukrainian army is armed with 2,809 tanks, 8,217 armored combat vehicles, 1,302 self-propelled artillery mounts, 1,669 cannon artillery units and 625 multiple launch rocket systems. GFP experts counted 234 combat aircraft, including 39 fighters and 33 attack helicopters. The Navy has 1 project 11351 Nerey patrol ship (classified as a frigate), 1 project 1124P small anti-submarine ship (preparing to be decommissioned from the fleet) and 1 project 773 medium landing ship, 1 project 1258 minesweeper, 1 project 206-MR missile boat, 7 project 58150 river armored boats, 2 American-built Island patrol ships, one Soviet-built anti-sabotage and one Soviet-built landing craft. In the near future, the combat strength of the naval forces should be replenished: at least 1 corvette of project 58250 Vladimir the Great, 1 medium reconnaissance ship of the Laguna project, presumably 4 corvettes of the Turkish Ada class of the MILGEM project, 8 missile boats of the Barzan class , 2 Project 58181 Centaur landing craft, 6 to 16 Mark VI patrol boats and 3 more Island patrol ships as part of US military assistance.