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UH-1 Air Ambulance in Vietnam War 1959 Year 1/32 Scale Decals Print Scale 32-031

Theme: Decals

Era : 1946-1959

Scale : 1/32

Material : Paper

Series: Decals set

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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Bell UH-1 Iroquois (eng. Bell UH-1 Iroquois, UH from Utility Helicopter) is an American multi-purpose helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron, also known as Huey. One of the most famous and massive machines in the history of helicopter construction. Serially produced since 1960. A large number of military and civilian modifications have been released. The total number of helicopters of all modifications produced since the beginning of mass production, including licensed production outside the United States, is more than 16,000 units. As of 2020, it remains the 3rd largest military helicopter in the world. The current version of the helicopter used by the US Marine Corps is the UH-1Y.
In the 1950s, the US Army announced a competition between helicopter companies, the conditions of which involved the creation of a multi-purpose helicopter with the possibility of arming it with rockets and machine guns. Of the proposed projects in 1955, the development of the Bell Helicopter Company with the designation Model 204 was chosen. The helicopter was supposed to be equipped with a Lycoming T53 turboshaft engine. The first of three helicopter prototypes, designated XH-40, flew on October 20, 1956 at a factory airfield in Fort Worth, Texas. The first three were followed by a batch of six vehicles intended for field testing, and nine pre-production helicopters, which received the designation HU-1 Iroquois in the troops (since 1962 - UH-1). On June 30, 1959, the first serial six-seat UH-1A, equipped with a 770 hp Lycoming T53-L-1A engine, began to enter service with the US Army. With. Thirteen helicopters were armed with two 7.62 mm machine guns and sixteen 70 mm NUR and took part in the battles in Vietnam. Some of the helicopters had duplicate controls and were designated TN-1A.