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Sova Model

U-36A Learjet 1973 Year 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Sova Model 72006

Theme: Jet Aircraft

Era : 1960-1979

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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Learjet 36A
Like the 35A, it received upgraded engines and a higher maximum takeoff weight. Certified in 1976, replacing version 36.
The Learjet 35 (LJ35) is a Learjet business class jet administrative aircraft (versions Learjet 35 and Learjet 36) and a US Air Force C-21A military transport aircraft.
The aircraft is powered by two Garrett TFE731 turbofan engines. The aircraft cabin can accommodate 6-8 passengers. In the Learjet 36 version, the aircraft has a reduced passenger cabin to accommodate additional fuel tanks in the rear fuselage.
The engines are installed in nacelles on the sides of the rear fuselage. The wings are equipped with single-slotted flaps. Wing fuel tanks are located in the wing tips, which distinguishes the design of the aircraft from other aircraft.
The aircraft was developed on the basis of the Learjet 25BGF (where "GF" stands for Garrett Fan) with the installation of new Garrett TFE731 engines. As a result, engine power was increased and noise was reduced. The new model was named Learjet 35. The aircraft made its first flight in May 1971.
In 1976, American professional golfer Arnold Palmer flew a Learjet 36 around the world in 36,990 km (22,894 miles) in 57 hours 25 minutes 42 seconds.