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Type 89 (Te-4) Japanese Machine Gun (Japan) 1/72 Scale Model Kit Mini World 7281

Theme: Detailing Set

Era : 2020-2022

Scale : 1/72

Material :

Series: Detail-up Parts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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Howa Type 89 is an assault rifle developed by the Japanese company "Howa Machinery Company Ltd." based on the American AR-18 assault rifle, which was previously produced by this company under license.
The machine was put into service to replace the 7.62-mm type 64 automatic rifle in the troops (however, the rearmament took place gradually). Since in 2001-2004. the cost of one automatic machine "type 89" was 3 thousand US dollars, their production volumes were relatively small (in 2001, 2800 units were ordered, in 2002 - 2948 units, in 2003 - 3397 units and in 2004 - 3254 pcs.) and even in 2004, "type 64" assault rifles remained in service with the ground forces.
Type 89 assault rifles were in service with the Japanese contingent in Iraq.
Automation Type 89 is based on the removal of powder gases from the bore, locking is carried out by turning the bolt on 7 lugs. The gas piston consists of two parts: a head located in front and having a smaller diameter relative to the gas cylinder, and a more massive piston body located approximately in the middle of the cylinder. Due to this, the transfer of energy from the powder gases to the piston occurs in two stages, which contributes to smoother operation of the mechanisms and reduces their wear. The machine is equipped with a shutter delay, the corresponding button is located on the left.