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ZZ Modell

Studebaker Crane Bleichert 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit ZZ Modell 72024

Theme: Military

Era : 1946-1959

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Military Transport

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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MAZ-200 is a Soviet heavy-duty truck of the first generation produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant.

The prototypes of YaAZ-200 were created in 1944…1945. Serial production began in 1947.

The YaAZ-200 design was created on the basis of a similar American GMC-803 truck (templates were taken, dimensions were taken, etc.). In terms of technical and operational parameters, the YaAZ-200 significantly surpassed many foreign analogues.

In 1951, the production of YaAZ two-axle trucks was transferred to the city of Minsk. Accordingly, the brand of cars has changed - MAZ-200. At YaAZ, meanwhile, the production of three-axle cars of the YaAZ-210 family started.

In total, more than 230,000 copies of all modifications were produced.

MAZ-200 with self-installed metal sides from MAZ-5335


The interior of the cab of the car MAZ-200

The MAZ-200 differs from the original YaAZ-200 model in the radiator grille (on YaAZ - with horizontal bars, on MAZ - with vertical bars) and another emblem (“bison” instead of “bear”), moreover, the YaAZ bear was located on the hood, and the MAZ bison in in the form of stampings - on the sides of the hood. On the earliest exhibition samples of the MAZ-200, the bison emblem was also placed on the hood.

For the first time in the USSR, synchronizers were used on the MAZ-200 in all forward gears, the highest accelerating gear, pump nozzles, and a tachometer. In order to simplify and reduce the cost of construction, as well as due to the shortage of thin rolled steel sheets in the country, the cab of the car was made on a wooden frame with a wooden plank sheathing (“lining”), and on top of it - sheets of black tin painted in a protective color (supplied for export cars were painted blue).

Initially, the YaAZ-204 engine was installed on the YaAZ-MAZ-200, which was created by analogy with the engine of the American tractor GMC-4 71 with a capacity of 110 hp. With. Later, after modernization, its power increased to 120 hp. With.