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Mars Figures

Somalian Insurgents 1988 Year 1/32 Scale Plastic Model Kit Mars Figures 32012

Theme: Military

Era : 1980-1999

Scale : 1/32

Material : Plastic

Series: Figures

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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The civil war in Somalia (since 1988) is a multilateral armed conflict that began with the struggle against the regime of Mohamed Siad Barre and led to the collapse of the state and inter-clan war. At the same time, the US military and UN peacekeepers were involved in the conflict.
Since 2006, a civil war has unfolded between the central Somali government and Islamists from the Islamic Courts Union. The strengthening of the Islamists and the defeat of government troops forced Ethiopia to send its troops to a neighboring country. After the Ethiopian army invaded Somalia, the conflict turned into a guerrilla war. In 2011-2012, the Kenyan army (with the support of the Ethiopian army) carried out a fairly successful operation against the Islamists. At present, security in Somalia is maintained mainly by the forces of the AMISOM peacekeeping contingent, which, together with the Somali government forces, is fighting the al-Shabaab group.
After the defeat of the Somali army in the war with Ethiopia in 1978, the rule of Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre became more authoritarian and arbitrary, which caused an increase in opposition to his regime. In April 1978, a group of disgruntled officers under the command of Colonel Muhammad Sheikh Usmaan of the Majeertine clan launched an unsuccessful military coup. All 17 alleged conspirators, including Usmaan, were executed. One of the conspirators, Lieutenant Colonel Abdillaahi Yusuf Ahmad, fled to Ethiopia, founding the Somali Salvation Front (SSF) in exile, directed against the regime of Siad Barre. In October 1982, the SSF merged with the leftist Somali Workers' Party and the Somali Democratic Liberation Front to form the Somali Democratic Salvation Front.