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Sherman Tanks 1942 Year 1/35 Scale Decals Print Scale 35-004

Theme: Decals

Era : 1939-1945 WWII

Scale : 1/35

Material : Paper

Series: Decals set

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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Medium Tank M4, "Sherman" (English Medium Tank M4, Sherman) - the main American medium tank of the Second World War. It was widely used in the American army at all battlefields, and was also supplied in large quantities to the allies (primarily Great Britain and the USSR) under the Lend-Lease program. After the Second World War, the Sherman was in service with the armies of many countries of the world, and also participated in many post-war conflicts. In the US Army, the M4 was in service until the end of the Korean War. The name "Sherman" (in honor of the American General of the Civil War, William Sherman) received the M4 tank in the British army, after which this name was assigned to the tank in the American and other armies. The Soviet tankers had the nickname "emcha" (from M4).
The M4 became the main American tank platform during World War II, and a large number of special modifications, self-propelled guns, and engineering equipment were created on its basis.
A total of 49,234 tanks were produced between February 1942 and July 1945 (excluding Canadian-made tanks). This is the most massive American-made tank.