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Set of Guns DA-2 on Turrets TUR-5 For Model Tb-1 1/72 Scale Mini World 7242

Theme: Parts

Era : 2020-2022

Scale : 1/72

Material :

Series: Detail-up Parts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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YES "Degtyarev Aviation" - an option for installation on aircraft. A casing was removed from the DP machine gun, designed to protect the shooter's hands from burns on the barrel. This reduced its size and improved cooling. For the convenience of shooting, the butt was replaced by two handles. A 60-round magazine has been installed. To reduce the recoil force, for the first time in aviation armament, a muzzle brake was used in a machine gun.
The DA machine gun entered service in 1928. In 1930, its twin version, the DA-2, entered service. Machine guns DA and DA-2 were installed as on-board defensive weapons on R-5, U-2, TB-3, MK-1, TSh-B aircraft.
It was supposed to install a DA machine gun on the Soviet T-25 tankette.
The DA and DA-2 machine guns were not widely used, since 7.62-mm bullets were frankly ineffective against aircraft of the second half of the 1930s and 1940s, which caused a transition to larger calibers. In addition, in 1934, a more successful ShKAS machine gun was created specifically for aviation with a rate of fire of about 1800 rds / min, which partly compensated for the low lethality of 7.62 mm bullets.