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Red Box

Scottish Light Cavalry,War of the Roses 12 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Red Box 72108

Theme: Military

Era : 1501-1799

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Figures

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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War (s) of the Roses or the War (s) of the Roses - a series of armed dynastic conflicts between factions of the English nobility in 1455-1485 in the struggle for power between supporters of the two branches of the Plantagenet dynasty - Lancaster and York .
Despite the chronological framework of the conflict (1455-1485) established in the historical literature, separate clashes related to the war took place both before and after the indicated dates. In reality, this protracted conflict can be divided into three acute stages: 1455-1464, 1469-1471 and 1483-1487. The war ended with the victory of Henry Tudor, who was related to a side branch of the house of Lancaster, who founded a dynasty that ruled England and Wales for 117 years. The war brought significant destruction and disaster to the population of England, during the conflict a large number of representatives of the English feudal aristocracy died.
The reasons for the many years of internecine conflict were the dissatisfaction of a significant part of English society with the failures in the Hundred Years War, as well as the struggle for the regency in the early years of the reign of the weak-willed King Henry VI, who came to the throne as an infant, and in adulthood periodically fell into madness. The opposition to Queen Margaret and her favorites was led by Duke Richard of York, who demanded for himself first custody of the incapacitated king, and later the English crown. The basis for this claim was that Henry VI was the great-grandson of John of Gaunt, the third surviving son of King Edward III, and the Duke of York was the great-great-grandson of Lionel Antwerp, the second surviving son of this king (in the female line, in the male line he was the grandson of Edmund Langley, 1 th Duke of York - the fifth son of Edward III); in addition, Henry VI's grandfather Henry IV seized the throne in 1399, forcibly forcing King Richard II to abdicate, which made the legitimacy of the entire Lancastrian dynasty questionable