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Polikarpov I-153 "Chaika" Part 1 1939 Year 1/32 Scale Decals Print Scale 32-025

Theme: Decals

Era : 1939-1945 WWII

Scale : 1/32

Material : Paper

Series: Decals set

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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The I-153 "Seagull" is a pre-war Soviet biplane piston fighter.
The fighter was a modernization of the I-15 bis, where "bis" means the second, and the I-153, respectively, is the third version of the I-15.
To increase speed, it was decided to install a more powerful engine, retractable landing gear, a new Clark-YH wing profile, an enclosed cockpit, the introduction of which was again postponed. The designer returned to the upper wing of the "gull" type, as on the I-15, which, at the request of the Air Force, was replaced with the usual I-15 bis. The aircraft was often called the "Seagull", like the I-15.
Created in the Polikarpov Design Bureau in 1938. They made the oxygen equipment removable. Completely updated weapons. The main difference is the retractable wheels (skis), which made it possible to reach a speed of 430 km / h. Introduced armored back.
In the second half of 1940, the transition began.
It was planned to implement the project within six months, but the construction was delayed due to the workload of plant No. 1 with the production of serial I-15 bis. In December 1938, a prototype was sent for testing in Baku. The aircraft went into production in the fall of 1939.