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Mini World

MG-34 Gun Barrel (2 pieces) 1/72 Scale Model Kit Mini World 7218a

Theme: Detailing Set

Era : 2020-2022

Scale : 1/72

Material : Brass

Series: Detail-up Parts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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MG 34 (German: Maschinengewehr 34) is a German machine gun that was created before the Second World War.
The 7.9 mm MG 34 machine gun was developed by the German company Rheinmetall-Borsig AG by order of the Reichswehr. The development of the machine gun was led by Louis Stange. The machine gun was officially adopted by the Wehrmacht in 1934 and until 1942 was officially the machine gun of not only the infantry, but also the tank forces of Germany. In 1942, the MG 34 was adopted by a more advanced machine gun MG 42, however, the production of the MG 34 was not limited until the end of World War II and was adopted instead of its end, as it continued to follow the role of a tank machine gun due to its greater adaptability to this compared to the MG 42 and MG 3.
After the war, the MG 34 was produced in large numbers and entered service for a long time in the following countries: the USA, the FRG, the GDR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, France, Turkey and foreign countries (the M-53 variant), including under NATO standard budgets (7 , 62 and 7.5 mm). In addition, large (tens of thousands of units) shipments are exported and supplied by the USA, Germany and the USSR (mostly captured and restored) to the countries of Asia and the Middle East, China, as well as Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Israel.