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KASKR-2 Soviet Autogiro 1929 Year 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Amodel 7279

Theme: Military

Era : 1919-1938

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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KASKR-1 "Red Engineer" and KASKR-2 (abbr. KASKR - Kamov-Skrzhinsky) are Soviet gyroplanes developed by N. I. Kamov and N. K. Skrzhinsky. KASKR-1 appeared in the fall of 1929, and KASKR-2 was a modified and restored model of 1930.
Externally, KASKR-1 resembled the Cierva C.8L Mk.III autogyro, had a U-1 aircraft fuselage with a tail and an M-2 engine of 120 hp. With.
KASKR-2 had an engine increased to 225 hp. With. power.
Further development of the autogyro theme in the USSR was embodied in the TsAGI 2-EA and TsAGI A-4 models.