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Ilyushin Il-18 Airliner 1957 Year 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Amodel 72011

Theme: Airplanes

Era : 1946-1959

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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IL-18 is a passenger aircraft for the farthest length of the 2nd class, made according to the scheme of the four-engine turbopropic low-slocation. One of the first Soviet turboprop liners.
It was produced in serial from 1958 to 1978 at factory No. 30 (“Banner of Labor”), located near the Central Aerodrome on the Khodynsky field in Moscow. A total of 719 (according to other sources-more than 850) aircraft, including 564 passenger (1957-1969), the rest-special (for example, ice intelligence or meteorological laboratories) and military (including IL-38) were built until the end. 1970s.
In the mid-1950s, it became clear that planes with piston engines did not satisfy the rapidly growing need for passenger air transportation, and more spacious and high-speed aircraft with gas turbine engines. In the OKB, Tupolev went along the path of creating a Tu-104 reactive passenger aircraft based on the Tu-16 bomber. In the OKB Ilyushin decided to design a passenger aircraft with a turboprop engine.
On May 25, 1956, a resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 703–404 on the creation of a passenger IL-18 passenger with four turboprop engines was adopted. The sketch project IL-18 was approved by S.V. Ilyushin on August 26, 1956, in September of the same year the construction of the first experimental aircraft began. In June 1957, at the Central Airport in Moscow, an inspection of the first IL-18 by the heads of the party and government, headed by N. S. Khrushchev,, at the suggestion of the First Secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU E.A. Furtseva, gave the name “Moscow”.
The experimental plane made the first flight on July 4, 1957, flying from the central airfield. M.V. Frunze on a flight base in the city of Zhukovsky (flight duration - 1 h 57 min). The tests were attended by aircraft equipped with NK-4 and AI-20 engines. The test results showed that the AI-20 of the design of A. G. Ivchenko is more reliable, and it was chosen for installation on serial aircraft.
Experienced planes were designed for 75 seats. In 1958, the IL-18A option was created with a run of 58 tons and an increased passenger interior. This was the first serial model. Due to the unreliable operation of the engine since January 1959, the operation of IL-18A aircraft with the NK-4 engines was stopped. The IL-18B modification with 12 to 14 tons of payload and increased take-off mass to 61.5 tons appeared in the same 1958.
On April 20, 1959, the first two IL-18 passenger flights took place along the Moscow-Adler and Moscow-Alma-Ata route.
In 1960, IL-18V was created, which differed from the IL-18B version with a high level of comfort and the use of more perfect piloting and navigation equipment.