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Ilyushin IL-14P Airliner 1950 Year 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit Amodel 1416

Theme: Airplanes

Era : 1946-1959

Scale : 1/144

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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IL-14 is a Soviet short-haul aircraft of the 3rd class. Developed in the late 1940s to replace the obsolete Li-2 aircraft, as a further development of the technical solutions implemented in the Il-12 aircraft. The last Soviet passenger liner with piston engines.

The Il-14 made its first flight on July 13, 1950.

For the second prototype of the Il-14, which received the designation Il-14P, a new exhaust and air-thermal system was designed, combined into a single unit; to improve controllability at low speeds, the vertical tail area of ​​the Il-14P was increased by 17%. The visibility from the cab has also been improved by enlarging the front and side windows.

In August 1952, operational tests of the aircraft began in various weather conditions. The IL-14P has established itself as a reliable, safe, easy to operate and maintain, capable of taking off and landing at small airfields with unpaved, economical aircraft. Compared to the Il-12, the maximum speed of the Il-14P has increased by 30 km/h. According to the results of operational tests of the Il-14P aircraft, it was concluded that the Il-14P with two ASh-82T engines is suitable for use on the lines of the Civil Air Fleet.