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I-190 Soviet Aircraft 1939 Year 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Amodel 72112

Theme: Military

Era : 1939-1945 WWII

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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I-190 is a biplane designed by N. N. Polikarpov, a deep modification of the mass-produced I-153 biplane.
Existed in the USSR in the late 1930s. the concept of air combat assumed the presence of high-speed monoplanes (the main aircraft), which were supposed to complement maneuverable biplanes, two-seat fighters and heavy twin-engine fighters. In accordance with these considerations, the Polikarpov Design Bureau, in early January 1938, received the Air Force task to create a maneuverable biplane. Due to the workload of the design bureau with other developments, it was possible to start designing the I-190 only in the fall of 1938. They began to deal more seriously with the aircraft in February 1939 after the third mock-up commission. The first copy of the I-190 was manufactured at the State Aviation Plant No. 1 (GAZ No. 1) in October 1939.
On December 15, 1939, the senior test pilot of Plant No. 1, Alexander Ivanovich Zhukov, began jogging and flying up, and on December 30, 1939, he performed the first flight in an airplane. During the tests, A.V. also flew on the I-190. Davydov, P.E. Loginov, E.G. Ulyakhin. An experimental M-88BRL engine (gearless, 1100 hp) was installed on the aircraft, which was also being tested. During the tests, different propellers were installed several times: AV-2L-2, AV-2L3 (diameter 2.65 m) and AV-2L1 (2.75 m). The first stage of testing was completed on 6 June. With the AV-2L-2 propeller, the following results were obtained: the speed near the ground was 375 km/h, at an altitude of 5000 m - 410 km/h, which is lower than the speed of the I-153. They hoped to improve the speed characteristics of the machine by installing the M-88R and VMG engines from the I-180 on it. The test results of this version of the I-190 showed: 420 km/h near the ground and 488 km/h at an altitude of 6000 m, ceiling - 12400 m. Such characteristics did not suit the customer and the aircraft was not put into mass production.