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DT-29 Soviet Machine Gun (Later), Barrels (2 pieces) 1/72 Scale Mini World 7249b

Theme: Parts

Era : 2020-2022

Scale : 1/72

Material :

Series: Detail-up Parts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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DT-29 - tank machine gun, razrobleny V. O. Degtyarovim in 1929.
The DT tank machine gun entered the Chervonoy Army in 1929 under the designation "7.62-mm tank machine gun of the Degtyarov system, sp. 1929" (DT-29). Vіn buv essentially modification of the 7.62-mm hand gun DP designed in 1927. The development of these modifications was designed by G.S. Shpaginim with the improvement of the features of installing a cullet in a tight combat tank and an armored car.
Instead of a wooden butt, becoming a hanging metal stock. A standard bulky magazine with a single-row reloading of cartridges is replaced by a magazine with a three-row reloading of 63 cartridges.
The gun was mounted on a ball mount, developed by G.S. Shpaginim, which made it easy to aim the gun in horizontal and vertical planes. Also, the machine gun was secured with a canvas sleeve.
In 1944, the rotation bula was modified with a reversal-battle spring and a machine gun, having taken away the designation of the DTM (Index GAU-56-P-322M).
Ozbroennya T-26 sp. In 1931, two 7.62-mm DT machine guns were installed, which were placed in ball mounts in the frontal part of the turrets. The aiming of the machine guns was carried out for the help of the dioptric sight. DT maw effective shooting range of 600–800 meters and maximum effective range of up to 1000 meters. The liveliness of the machine gun was fired from disk magazines with a capacity of 63 rounds, the rate of shooting was 600, and the combat speed was 100 shots per whilin. For shooting, a zastosovuvavsya cartridge with a cuff, armor-piercing, tracer, armor-piercing-tracing and shooting sack. Like on other Radyansk tanks, the installation of machine guns was svydkoz'mnoy for the safety of the crew of the tank, so the machine guns were equipped with bipods. Ammunition kit for machine guns stav 6489