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Mars Figures

Barbarian Pirates 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Kit Mars Figures 72071

Theme: Military

Era : 1501-1799

Scale : 1/72

Material : Plastic

Series: Figures

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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Piraeus (Greek πειρατής - robber, robber) - illegal seizure, robbery or sinking of civilian sea and aircraft. In modern international law, piracy is a criminal offense of an international nature. In addition to the capture and robbery of merchants and other vessels in peacetime, the attack during the war of warships, submarines and military aircraft on merchant ships of neutral states is equated with piracy. The determination of piracy and the measures to combat it are regulated by the UN Convention on the Law of the 1982.
Piracy, in its original form of marine raids, appeared simultaneously with navigation and sea trade; All coastal tribes that took possession of the basics of navigation were engaged in such raids. With the advent of civilization, the line between the pirates and merchants remained conditional for a long time: navigators traded where they did not feel strong enough to rob and capture. The most skilled navigators of the ancient world - the Phoenicians and the most skilled navigators. The poem "Odyssey" mentions the Phoenician pirates who abducted people from Siros Island and sold them into slavery. Ancient pirates, unlike the pirates of the New Age, attacked not so much on ships as on coastal villages and individual travelers, in order to seize them and sell them into slavery (later they also began to demand a ransom for noble captives). Piracy is reflected in ancient poetry and mythology (the myth of the capture of Dionysus by Tyrrin (Etruscan) pirates, set forth in the Homeric hymn and the poem of Ovid Metamorphoses, as well as some episodes in Homer's poems).
As trade and legal relations develop, piracy began to be recognized as one of the most serious crimes, and attempts to combat this phenomenon began to be made. The flowering of ancient piracy falls on the era of anarchy caused by civil wars in Rome, and the pirate base was the mountain region of Kilikia with its fortresses; Pirate bases were also the islands, especially Crete. Roman piracy was especially blossomed after Mithridates VI Evpator concluded an alliance with Kilician pirates directed against Rome. In this era, among the victims of the pirates was, in particular, young Julius Caesar. The audacity of the pirates increased to the point that they attacked even the port of Rome - Ostia - and once captured two praetors along with the retinue and insignia.