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Antonov An-74 Polar 1983 Year 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit Amodel 1421

Theme: Airplanes

Era : 1980-1999

Scale : 1/144

Material : Plastic

Series: Legendary Aircrafts

Recommended Age Range: 12 Years & Up

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An-74 (according to NATO codification: Coaler, colloquial - "Cheburashka") - a Soviet transport aircraft, created in the Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex named after O.K. Antonov on the basis of the An-72 military transport aircraft. The aircraft was created for use in the conditions of the Far North. There are both civilian and military (patrol and military transport) modifications.

An-74 was originally converted from an experimental An-72 for operation in the regions of the Arctic and Antarctica under the designation An-72A "Arctic". It was intended for the transportation of goods, equipment and people on short and medium-haul airlines in any climatic conditions from −60 ° C to +45 ° C and at any latitude, including in the conditions of the North Pole and in high mountainous areas. It can be operated on equipped and non-equipped air routes at any time of the year and day from concrete, pebble, ice and snow airfields, on domestic and international routes.

The An-74 aircraft allows you to carry cargo up to 7.5 tons, including up to 10 passengers (up to 52 depending on modification), at an altitude of up to 10,100 meters with a cruising speed of 550-700 km/h. In addition, it can perform the following specialized tasks:

pilotage of ships;

organization and maintenance of drifting stations;

carrying out research work in the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic basins;

visual ice reconnaissance;

reconnaissance of fish schools.

The An-74 aircraft complies with the Airworthiness Standards for civil aircraft. In the design of the aircraft, new structural materials and technological processes are widely used. This ensured a high weight return of the aircraft. Certified by AR IAC, Moscow (Type Certificate No. 13-74).