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Utility Aircrafts

A utility aircraft is a general-purpose light airplane or helicopter, usually used for transporting people, freight, or other supplies, but is also used for other duties when more specialized aircraft are not required or available. The term can also refer to an aircraft type certificated under American, Canadian, European or Australian regulations as a Utility Category Aircraft, which indicates that it is permitted to conduct limited aerobatics. The approved maneuvers include chandelles, lazy eights, spins, and steep turns over 60° of a bank. In the United States, military utility aircraft are given the prefix U in their designations.

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Yak-12 Yakovlev Soviet Utility Aircraft 1947 Year 1/87 Scale Model with Stand

$ 6.97

Yak-12 Yakovlev Soviet Utility Aircraft 1947 Year1:87 ScaleManufacturer: DeAgostiniMaterial: Diecast and plasticCondition: New in original packagingHistorical referenceThe Yakovlev Yak-12 is a light multirole STOL aircraft used by the Soviet Air Force, Soviet civilian aviation, and other countries from 1947 onwards.Metal constru..

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