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An anti-aircraft vehicle, also known as a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) or self-propelled air defense system (SPAD), is a mobile vehicle with a dedicated anti-aircraft capability. The Russian equivalent of SPAAG is ZSU, for zenitnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka (зенитная самоходная установка, "anti-aircraft self-propelled mount"). Specific weapon systems used include machine guns, autocannons, larger guns, or missiles, and some mount both guns and longer-ranged missiles (e.g. the Pantsir-S1). Platforms used include both trucks and heavier combat vehicles such as APCs and tanks, which add protection from aircraft, artillery, and small arms fire for front line deployment.

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M17 MGMC Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Half-track 1943 Year 1/72 Scale Model Tank

$ 19.97

M17 MGMC Multiple Gun Motor Carriage Half-track 1943 YearScale Model Tank1:72 ScaleManufacturer: EaglemossMaterial: Diecast and plasticCondition: new in original packagingHistorical referenceThe M16 multi-purpose machine gun, also known as the M16 half-track, was an American self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon built during World War ..

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