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 Q: What is the diecast model?  

A: Diecast is a term used in the hobby industry referring to a model made with a metal body. Diecast metal is made of zinc alloy. Diecast models don’t mean it is 100%, metal model.

 Q: How big is the scale? (1:24, 1:18, 1:12, etc.) 

A: For example, the 1:18 scale model means that the length of the model is 1/18 of the actual vehicle. If you chop up a vehicle into 18 pieces, one piece length will be the same length as the 1:18 scale model. 1:18 Scale cars are about 10"-12" inches long, 1:64 Scale cars are about 3" inches long, 1:24 Scale cars are about 7"-8" inches long, 1:32 Scale cars are about 4"-5" inches long, 1:12 Scale cars are about 13"-15" inches long. Please see the image at the bottom of this page.

 Q: How fast do you ship? 

A: 99% of all orders are shipped within the next business day.

 Q: How do I use a Wish List? 

A: Wish list allows people to add wanted items and save them to purchase later or just to have saved for your information. Wish List only works with active accounts. Please register to have Wish List at your service.

 Q: What does your international shipping cost? 

A: You can view an estimate of your shipping cost by adding desired items to your shopping cart.

 Q: Will I receive the exact same manufacturer box as pictured? 

A: Please note that sometimes manufacturers change their packing boxes and we have no control over it. Our images of the boxes may not reflect those changes and the items will be received in new, updated packaging. The item will be exactly the same.

 Q: Is it possible to combine orders and save on shipping costs? 

A: If you placed two or more orders through different transactions and would like us to combine the shipping cost, we will gladly do this as long as it is not too late and your package is not yet shipped.

 Q: What if I decide to return or exchange items? 

A: Simply email us and we will take care of the return or exchange for you.